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Let the moisturizer be absorbed into your skin

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Lena Dunham Blasts Magazine For Putting Her On

Dunham took to Instagram to criticise the unnamed publication for using a picture of her as an example of a ‘slimmed down star’, when her weight loss has actually been down to medical reasons.

Lena Dunham has hit out at a glossy magazine after it used her as an example of a ‘slimmed down star’ on its recent front cover, and for its main feature which was about ‘diet tips’.

The 30 year old actress and creator of HBO’s recently concluded ‘Girls’ pointed out that her sudden weight loss was “not an achievement” that had anything to do with crash dieting or any other fashionable weight loss techniques, but the result of surgery she recently had to tackle her condition of endometriosis.

## ## She also gave a few political and social reasons for why she has lost weight. They included: “An election that reveals the true depths of American misogyny”, “watching institutions you love from Planned Parenthood to PBS be threatened by cartoon moustache twirling villains” and “worrying ceaselessly about the health and safety of women you know and women you don’t.”

More: Lena Dunham shares emotional message with fans after ‘Girls’ sixth season finale

Last week, Dunham was rushed to hospital just after arriving at the 2017 Met Gala in New York City, due to complications she was suffering from recent surgery she had to treat her endometriosis.

Lena Dunham at the 2017 Met Gala

Dunham also gave some rather more light hearted, tongue in cheek reasons, writing: “Having to switch from Uber to Lyft (lots of calories burned trying to understand a new app, then even more trying to understand if the conflict was resolved).”

“I have no tips I give no tips I don’t want to be on this cover [because] it’s diametrically opposed to everything I’ve fought my whole career for and it’s not a compliment to me because it’s not an achievement,” she signed off her post.

Kelley Organek and her husband brought out their

Local family beats the quarantine blues with themed dinners

The Organeks have been organizing themed family dinners for four weeks to bring the family closer together. (Courtesy photo)

By Cody Mello Klein [email repetitive routine of days spent at home during the pandemic calls for creative solutions, and one local family has found a way to break up the drudgery of quarantine life.

Four weeks ago, the Organeks held a family dress up night. Kelley Organek and her husband brought out their wedding china for the second time ever, and the couple and their three children dressed in their finest formal wear.

That night, the Organeks had an idea: What if every week, the family had a themed dinner with special dishes and costumes?

## ## “During that dinner, we started talking about how it would be fun to have something to be thinking about all week and being creative about and bringing the family together,” Kelley Organek said.

The last four weeks, Saturday dinners at the Organek house have been based around a different theme, selected by one member of the family. Each member of the family is responsible for one course of the meal, and each course has to be related to theme for that night’s meal.

“We’re really spending more time together cooking,” Organek said. “It’s bringing us together during a time when we’re forced to be home together. It’s just something that we’re all working on and it’s uniting the family in a new way.”

The first week, their 11 year old daughter chose to theme the meal after one of Netflix’s biggest social distancing era hits: the documentary series, “Tiger King.”

The second week, their son chose a sports theme. The three kids wore their favorite jerseys, Organek dressed up as a soccer mom and her husband, who has gone all out for every family dinner, dressed up as a 1970s news anchor to interview his kids.

“My husband really loves Halloween, so this is like Halloween every week,” Organek said. “He has a lot of fun. And he makes a lot of things he sews he really has very high quality craftsmanship when it comes to making these things.”

The third week of the Organeks family themed dinners, the family dressed up as characters from Dynamite. (Courtesy photo)

The weekly event has also provided a creative jolt for their 13 year old son, who has found a new passion in the kitchen.

“He just finished family and consumer science at the middle school, so he loved that class,” Organek said. “He definitely, during the stay at home [order], learned to cook a lot more things.”

The third week was all about the film “Napoleon Dynamite,” courtesy of the Organeks’ high school age daughter, and the meal took full advantage of the film’s unique palette, featuring a mix of quesadillas, tater tots, steak and a dessert casserole.

This past week the meal was themed around the Spice Girls, and, now, the themes are decided through family consensus.

More recently, the Organeks have brought their weekly family festivities to the neighborhood, sitting outside, in full costume, and chatting with their neighbors at a distance of course.

The Organeks’ family dinners aren’t going to cure the pandemic or completely deter the quarantine blues, but, for Kelley Organek, bringing a little bit of variety to the week is a welcome relief right now.

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